6 Irresistible Reasons To Explore New Orleans

For countless reasons, New Orleans is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. From the local cuisine to the unbeatable party scene, the Big Easy knows how to wow visitors at every turn!

Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal their most irresistible reasons why every traveler should put New Orleans on their must-visit list.

You can’t mention New Orleans without bringing up the historic French Quarter. For most people, a visit to New Orleans isn’t complete without at least a few nights’ stay in this famous neighborhood.

1. The Historic French Quarter

I vividly remember the first time I enjoyed this delectable treat. After a long night of enjoying Bourbon Street, my friends and I sought the best beignet shop in town and weren’t disappointed.

2. The Beignets

The variety of New Orleans — and the public transportation that makes it easy to move from one neighborhood to the other — is one of the best reasons to visit. “Absolutely one of my favorite cities in the world,” expresses one woman.

3. Countless Historic Neighborhoods and Landmarks

If you’re a fan of endless bars and clubs (and who isn’t, right?), consider Bourbon Street heaven on Earth. Everything — I repeat, everything — on Bourbon Street caters to every kind of partier, from the college student who wants to rage all night to the distinguished whiskey drinker who wants to taste test rare spirits.

4. Bourbon Street

Even people who don’t appreciate (or understand) great architecture agree: There’s nothing like the buildings, homes, and landmarks of New Orleans.

5. The Incredible Architecture

I think the cuisine found in New Orleans is the best in the country. Call it Creole food, Cajun food, or homestyle New Orleans cooking; whatever you call it, it’s delicious.

6. Creole Food

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