6 Essential Life Truths the Poor Understand That Often Escape the Wealthy

Hierarchical class systems divide the world today and serve as the basis for many metaphors interspersed through mainstream media. Where the wealthy strive, the lower class merely survives.

Users on a popular internet website discuss the harsh truths lower-class individuals know that rich people never run into.

In the popular remake of the sitcom One Day At a Time, the mother jokes that she only has one Ziploc bag and has been using it for years. The quip pokes fun at stereotypes and class systems but also honors a universal truth about existing sans unlimited funds.

1. Duration of Reuse/ Repurpose/ Recycle

One commenter states wealthy folks never learn the anxiety-riddled fear of living paycheck to paycheck. The swirling what-ifs can debilitate and terrify anyone. What if the paycheck isn’t enough to eat next week?

2. Pressure of Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Homelessness fosters a stigma in too many people today. Whenever you see someone on the side of the road, asking for money, food, or water, do you roll your windows up and avoid eye contact, or give them essentials?

3. Homelessness

Escaping into the warm respite of a fireplace or a heated apartment is a luxury not everyone experiences in the winter. A forum member speaks about their experience. When the temperature outside dips below a certain number, people flock inside and cuddle with their blankets.

4. Being Unable To Go Inside When It’s Freezing

Saving $5 on a grocery order may not seem like a massive difference to those who can afford the expense of purchasing overpriced brand-name groceries. However, for those on a budget, that extra $5 could go to medical costs, housing bills, or other necessities.

5. Using Coupons

“The same laws apply to everyone, but if you’re poor, you can’t afford lawyers and cannot skip work to go to court. And landlords and bosses know this and will drag any procedure out as long as possible until you quit,” someone who identifies as a lower-class citizen shares.

6. Different Rights

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