6 Movies Where the Bad Guys Get More Than What’s Coming to Them

What could be more fun to watch than an overconfident villain targeting someone presumably weak who turns out to be tough as nails? From John Wick to Home Alone, these movies feature evil-doers who mess with the wrong person.

Movies Where the Bad Guys Get More Than What’s Coming to Them

1. Nobody (2021)

When armed burglars break into a man’s home and steal his watch and daughter’s bracelet, the once-ordinary man experiences anger like never before. His newfound rage fuels a journey to recollect his belongings and exact revenge against the thieves.

2. Home Alone (1990) When burglars target the boy’s home, thinking no one is home, the kid booby-traps the house to prevent the thieves from making off with any of the family’s belongings.

3. John Wick (2014) An assassin sets down his weapons and leaves his high-stakes career to spend his days with the love of his life before she dies tragically. Stricken with grief, the man attempts to get by without her

4. Becky (2020) While visiting a remote lakehouse with her father and his new fiance, a teenage girl goes to the woods for some alone time. But while she’s out, a group of escaped prisoners break into the home and take her family hostage.

5. Carrie (1976) Carrie is a disturbing horror film about a bullied teenage girl who can’t catch a break from tormenters at school and home. But when she develops telekinetic powers, a troubling event at prom night turns her from a victim into an avenger.

6. Taken (2008) When a retired CIA agent’s daughter goes on a trip to Europe, a group of criminals kidnaps her and her friend. Her father immediately jumps into action to trace his daughter’s location and ensure the kidnappers can never harm another woman again.

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