6 Overpriced Items That Are Simply Not Worth the Splurge

What may seem like an overpriced scam to many may seem like a fantastic deal to others. Companies have been adding the word “luxury” to everything and paying celebrities to represent these overpriced things in the hopes that consumers will open their wallets for them.

I think we may all be able to agree these 6 things are wildly overpriced, and we should not be buying them anymore.

These companies try to advertise that you will catch the biggest fish in the lake, pond, or ocean by putting fake pictures of fish on it to give the illusion that the lure does catch giant fish wherever you may be when often it’s down to the skill and luck of the fisherman.

1. Fishing Lures

A forum participant shares, “For some reason, people from China come to Hong Kong and buy bedazzled iPhones for a ridiculous amount. The stones are not guaranteed real gold or diamonds, yet they sell some for $1,200; people buy them simply because they have the money.”

2. Jewelry on Phones

Everyone loves gold, but people have started to take it overboard by putting it on their meals. These foods may include ice cream, truffles, or even pizza, and can cost thousands of dollars!

3. Gold on Food

With plenty of variety within stores, there are hundreds of costly options to make ice when you can use your freezer and purchase a silicon mold for $15 on Amazon.

4. Ice

Many of these places come with fees such as parking, overpriced food, and paying for internet access. These things should come with your booking. Aside from that, most hotels have free breakfast, while in many fancier lodgings, you have to pay for it separately.

5. Five Star Hotels

A very pricey addition to your home, a single bowling lane could cost up to fifty thousand dollars. So, unless you are a pro bowler, this purchase probably is not for you.

6. Bowling Lane Inside Your House

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