6 People Say They'll Never Try These Foods For Money

Everybody has had at least one food nightmare. Growing up in ’80s Britain, I have had my fair share of culinary trauma, though nowadays, British cuisine has improved.

Some people will outright refuse to eat certain foods, and according to a recent online post, there are many to choose from.

“Any animal still alive when served” posts someone who may have been exposed to an inhumane food practice. “But oysters are delicious,” adds a foodie who begs to differ.

1. Live Food

“I can’t eat them anymore,” concedes a guilty eater. “I used to love calamari, but I think they’re probably smarter than the average human.” I still love eating octopi, though I try to avoid them if I can.

2. Baby Octopi

Minnesota’s Nordic influence lands the state in foul-smelling trouble with this fermented herring dish. According to experts, this canned, rotten fish must be opened underwater — it’s that bad.

3. Surströmming

Continuing our maritime-based theme, a contributor warns that consuming sharks is unethical, considering their treatment by fin hunters. “They are vital to the ocean ecosystem and our planet and are slaughtered by the thousands,” explains a shark advocate, “some usually just for their fins.”

4. Shark

Hailing from Sardinia, this cheese should come with a trigger warning. “I love cheese as much as the next person, but cheese crawling with live maggots?” jokes a non-fan.

5. Casu Martzu

Connotations aside, this dish is authentic in many parts of Asia. Here is a vivid description of a real encounter with bat soup in Palau: “Just an entire fruit bat placed into soup, fur, and head and all,” recalls a traveler.

6. Bat Soup

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