5 Popular Comedy Shows That Are Painfully Unfunny

So many great shows have come and gone over the decades. Then some shows were good but hung around for far too long. Finally, some shows were insanely popular but didn’t age well, leaving popular comedy shows painfully unfunny.

Popular Comedy Shows That Are Painfully Unfunny

Rick and Morty “I watched a whole season all at once. I get the humor, but outside of that one day to see what it was about, I never had the itch to watch it again,” someone confessed. “I got Rick and Morty fatigue by season four. The first few I watched as they premiered, now they’re just occasional background noise,”

Two and a Half Men “My dad was watching it one day. He laughed hard at the jokes and loved that the women threw themselves at Charlie. Meanwhile, I was watching and thought the show was the worst piece of television I have ever seen,” 

Get a Life “I used to tell my kids about a hilarious old show, Get a Life, from back in the early 1980s. Found a VHS, popped it in, and silence ensued. Did not age well,” one person remembered.

The Big Bang Theory “Gotta be The Big Bang Theory. So so, so low level,” one person said. “It’s a show about nerds made by people who know very little about nerds,” a second added. A third person replied, “With a great deal of creepy sexual harassment thrown in there!”

Full House “I loved Full House as a kid, but man, is it hard to get through now,” one person admitted. “I was a Full House fan growing up. It was the best thing about Thank God It’s Friday. I watched it earlier this year because my niece became obsessed with it. Not as impressive as I remember,” another shared.

2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls is the least funny sitcom in television history,” one person commented. “It had six seasons, which is far more than many good shows. Yet, it was incredibly and inexplicably popular,” replied one.

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