6 Reasons Why It’s Challenging to Get Rid of Poverty Completely

Someone recently asked on a popular online forum, “Why hasn’t poverty been solved?” So naturally, users filled the thread with colorful answers (and arguments).

Reasons Why It’s Challenging to Get Rid of Poverty Completely

Many in the thread agreed with the sentiment, “Because, like the war on drugs, the war on poverty made the problem worse.” Another jokingly replied, “Don’t worry. The US government started a war against Poverty in 1964.

The War on Poverty

One suggested, “The wealthy elitists don’t want it to end. It is how they keep us slaves to the wage.” Another argued, “It’s the poor’s lack of education and motivation. No one can control us.

The Rich Elitists Don’t Want It To End

Someone suggested, “Because a capitalist economy needs Poverty to exist. However, the current wealth distribution does not need to be as extreme as it is for a capitalist economy to work. That 1% has become too greedy.”

A Capitalist Economy Needs Poverty

“Short answer: human selfishness.” Another suggested, “Because people are inherently self-interested and want to get the most out of doing the least. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword since that’s also what drives many technological advancements.”

Human Selfishness

Another answered, “Because military spending is more essential.” To which many agreed and noted, “Cringe.”

Military Spending

“Because poverty is the natural state, everyone is born without material wealth. It’s either earned, stolen, or inherited. I’m not talking about the survival of the fittest.

Poverty Is the Natural State

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