6 Simple Joys Travelers Experienced While Adventuring Solo

The fear of solo traveling might be justified, but the experience can be transformational. We see the growing number of solo travels happening year in and year out.

A discussion ensued online about things people thoroughly enjoyed when traveling alone. We highlighted some responses below.

We agree that going to a new place is so much fun. The experience helps people keep open minds about other places, cultures, and people.

1. No Place Like Home

There is a temptation to say that most people forget this line, but we would refrain from that. Someone shares being appreciative of people who understand the meaning of “public spaces” and conduct themselves accordingly.

2. Discovering Different Cultured People

When you’re on the road with friends, you hardly have the time or opportunity to meet strangers who aren’t in the circle. Solo traveling allows you to enjoy random conversations with strangers.

3. Good Conversation With Strangers

Someone mentions that they are grateful to learn how to fall asleep with noise playing in the background, and now they can be awarded “best in sleeping soundly in any hostel dorm room.” They must have been through a lot to learn how to sleep like that!

4. Sleeping in Survival Mode

Some reasons for vacationing are to rest, relax, and enjoy yourself. Are you even on vacation if you aren’t doing things that fall into these categories? There is something about being out of the house and away from your daily routine.

5. Taking Time Off

Someone mentions the ability to “compare and analyze what you hold most important.” When we step out and experience new places and people, it opens us up in more ways than one.

6. Experiencing Changes in the Way We View Life

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