6 Things Other Countries Excel at That Others Should Adopt

Being proud of where you come from can make for some exciting avenues of expression. Sometimes, it’s a tattoo of your country’s flag or a big blowout on Independence Day. And sometimes it’s in thinking that what your country does is so great that you don’t understand why every country doesn’t do it.

This list is for all those who wish other nations would copy what their country does.

One contributor hailed the importance of access to sanitary products for people who need them for personal hygiene. “Access to free sanitary products. Honestly, I think this should be a global thing!”

1. Personal Hygiene

This idea provides for forming sidewalks, pathways, and trails for those who ride bicycles and tricycles to access the main parts of towns and cities. It was an excellent answer for this list, as many people have switched to riding where they can to reduce gas costs and their carbon footprint.

2. Cycling Infrastructure

In Puerto Rico, public schools serve food to every student, no matter the student’s financial status. “Public school gives complimentary breakfast and lunches to all kids regardless of their parent’s financial status. Teachers can also eat this food, but they must provide notice beforehand. ”

3. Free Food

One user praised the United States healthcare system for its innovation, technological advancements, and overall care. But one poster wasn’t quite so sure to give them five stars. “The U.S. no question has the world’s best healthcare. But in terms of affordability, it’s probably the worst among 1st world countries.”

4. Healthcare

One person exalted their country’s overall acceptance of people, sharing that it’s not uncommon for anyone to stop by for a cup of tea. “Friendliness. Any neighbor can drop into the house anytime and be treated to a cup of tea and a cake.”

5. Friendliness

“In Ukraine, everything works online, and no one has used regular mail for a long time. In Ukraine, there is a mobile application, “Diya”(“Дія”). You can solve any document problem. In this application, you can draw up documents and pay a fine. Also, in this application, all your documents are stored, so when you have a phone, there is no need to carry original documents. ”

6. Diya Documentation

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