6 Things People Would Change If They Could Go to College Again

College is often considered a time of self-discovery and growth, but with the benefit of hindsight, many people may wish they had done things differently.

In a recent online discussion, several users shared what they would have done differently if they could return to college.

Many users wished they had taken their academics more seriously and spent more time studying. They spoke of how they had focused too much on socializing and partying, leading to poor grades and missed opportunities.

1. Focus on Academics and Prioritize Studying

Several users spoke of the importance of choosing a major that was a good fit for them. They shared stories of picking a major based on what they thought would make them the most money or what their parents wanted.

2. Choose a Major More Carefully

Many users regretted not getting more involved in extracurricular activities on campus. They spoke of missing out on opportunities to meet new people, develop new skills, and make a difference in their community.

3. Take Advantage of Extracurricular Activities

Several users wished they had managed their finances more carefully. They spoke of how they had taken out too many student loans, spent too much money on unnecessary things, and did not save enough.

4. Manage Finances Better

Many users wished they had developed better study habits and time management skills in college. They spoke of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to complete assignments, causing stress and poor grades.

5. Develop Better Study Habits and Time Management Skills

They wished they had gone to their professor’s office hours for extra help, used the writing center for assistance with papers, and attended career fairs to network with potential employers.

6. Take Advantage of Office Hours and Resources

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