6 Things to Always Cheap Out on Because It’s Not Worth Spending

Thanks to inflation, a trip to the grocery store will cost you more than ever before, and that’s why it’s so essential to make money-savvy decisions every chance you get.

Sometimes you’ll be faced with buying a well-known product and its cheaper, no-name counterpart, but according to many shoppers, there are certain items that you shouldn’t feel guilty about tightening your wallet over.


Spoiler alert: household spices and seasonings are just a few items people do not want to overspend on. Sugar is one of the most common items on grocery lists, but most people have conceded that they don’t notice a difference between different brands.

Salt Although it’s one of the more basic ingredients found in the kitchen, there’s shockingly more than one kind of salt on the market. From Himalayan salt to sea salt to table salt, we wouldn’t blame anybody for being confused when they’re at the grocery store.

Flour Is more expensive flour worth it? The vast majority of shoppers have answered this question with a resounding “NO.” Frankly, we’re surprised there’s room in the market at all for more than one brand of flour.

Fast Food For budget-conscious shoppers (and even people with less-discerning palates), taking a trip through the local drive-through means, you’re getting well-fed and saving a few bucks.

Spices Multiple people called out the elephant in the room: prices are sky-high for spices in supermarkets. Many theorized there’s no difference between the spices, as “the ingredients are as basic and simple as you can get.”

Peanut Butter While many people debated whether or not well-known companies actually manufacture store brands, one woman said she happily bought cheaper peanut butter to save a few bucks.

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