6 Tips for Staying Calm and Collected While Flying

For millions of travelers worldwide, flying is the opposite of a calm and peaceful experience. Flight anxiety is real, and sometimes it can be crippling, especially during turbulence. However, hope is not lost!

Recently, frequent fliers met in an online discussion to reveal the best tips and strategies for staying calm during your next flight.

The next time you’re fighting anxiety in the air, think about the alternatives. Flying is infinitely safer than traveling by car, bus, or train. Remember, the most dangerous part of your trip was the car ride to the airport, so if you dodged that bullet, you’re overwhelmingly in the clear!

1. Compare To Other Forms of Transportation

Countless frequent fliers are near-unanimous in proclaiming that the best way to stay calm is to fly more. According to many travelers, the more you fly, the more relaxing — and mundane — it becomes.

2. Fly More

Nobody likes dealing with turbulence when you’re tens of thousands of feet in the air! However, once you research turbulence, you’ll discover that it’s nothing to worry about.

3. Do Your Research

Eliminating outside noise and disturbances is one of the easiest ways to make yourself calm — and utilizing noise-canceling headphones while flying will do just that!

4. Invest in Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the best tips is to turn to the flight crew for help relaxing — and perhaps take a page out of their book! “For me, looking at the flight crew who are just doing their job in a relaxed manner helps because then I can kinda mimic their relaxedness,” confesses one woman.

5. Look at the Flight Crew

While I am not advising anyone to get blackout drunk for their next flight, having a few drinks before takeoff can certainly calm even the most stressed-out traveler. Alcohol in sensible amounts can lower your inhibitions and keep your mind from focusing on your flying-induced stress.

6. Have a Few Drinks

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