6 Traits That Make Men Truly Attractive

It’s often the intangible qualities that hold the power to captivate our hearts and minds. Beyond the surface appearance, several traits define what makes a man genuinely attractive. Women talk about all of these in an online forum.

Traits That Make Men Truly Attractive

Girls are attracted to men who are different from themselves, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are kind-hearted. However, girls should be careful so they don’t fall for an overly humorous man who becomes a clown no one takes seriously.

1. Sense of Humor

A well-kept beard is a visual cue of masculine assurance. A man’s facial features can look more masculine, distinct, and aged with the addition of a well-kept beard. 

2. A Well-groomed Beard

Who still pulls the chair out or holds the car door open for their girlfriend? Chivalry is lost on many men, and few women are lucky to have such a guy. Being treated like a queen, only gentlemen know how to do this effortlessly.

3. A Gentleman

One lady shared what she finds attractive about men: “Being genuinely interested in my hobbies and knowing how to explain your own without making me feel stupid.” A man who listens attentively and takes a genuine interest in a woman’s hobbies validates her passions and opinions.

4. An Engaging Man

Having a handyman as a boyfriend has many benefits. According to one user, “seeing a man covered in dirt is always nice.” No, you don’t want your man to look like he just climbed out of the sewer when he’s headed to a job interview, but seeing him get greasy under the hood of a car is attractive.

5. Skills

There’s something about guys who are exposed, well-read and knowledgeable. But the natural attraction is when they are unassuming.

6. Humble Confidence

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