6 Ways People Saved Money When It Wasn’t Their Initial Goal

Are you searching for the best ways to save money without really trying?  You’ve got plenty of company.  Someone asked on a popular online forum, “What did you do that resulted in saving money even though saving was not the initial goal?

She shared she resorted to cutting her own hair after a supposedly trained stylist “royally ruined her hair.” Since then she has saved hundreds of dollars, and will never back to a salon unless she needs a specific treatment.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Several people quit drinking alcohol for health reasons, recognizing their vice was more of an addiction, and quitting “saved a ton of cash.”

Stopped Smoking One person smoked three packs a day, and weed, before having an epiphany that smoking was an unhealthy habit and quitting both, adopting a zero-tolerance policy for himself and others around him. He told us that with his nearly $ 100-a-day routine gone, “I racked up an emergency fund so #$*@%  fast, it was insane!”

Buying Books: How Do I Quit Another person, acknowledged bookworm, relied on buying books and reached out for help stopping this habit as she ran out of room at home.

Buying Second-Hand Clothes “I started buying clothes on eBay, Poshmark and Mercari to get cute clothes while avoiding supporting brands that are unethical or owned by nonlikeable people. I quickly realized that everything I could want, including jewelry, gets sold secondhand for way less, many times even new with the tag attached. That’s basically how I get 90% of my clothing now.”

Sell Unwanted Clothes via Reduce Recycle Reuse Many agreed that they buy clothes at reduced prices, then when they tire of that skirt or outfit, it doesn’t stay long in their closet.  They donate it or, more likely, recycle it by “poshing it.”

Buy Quality Shoes Spending a bit more on quality shoes helped many peoples’ feet and knees from abominable pain and, ultimately, trips to the podiatrist’s office. Consensus grew around the $150 to $200 price tag for better footwear that lasted years or, as one person put it, “thousands of miles.”

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