6 Excessively Weird Gen Z Trends We Find Challenging To Understand

Every generation has its distinction despite overlapping with other generations. The young of all ages act feisty and aggressive compared to their parents and grandparents, who have more life experiences than their underlings in their teens and 20s.

However, Generation Z, having been raised in a digital world since they were in diapers, is shaping their culture in ways that appear excessively weird to the rest of us and challenging to understand.

Although many people record things to post images online, Gen Z (Zoomers) must film everything to chronicle their daily lives and share photos and videos indiscriminately with the world.

1. Filming Everything

Gen Z is known for documenting themselves and posting them on social media. However, this practice has become extreme when taking selfies on shaky ledges or dangerous stunts to get the best photo of themselves to post online, with sometimes tragic consequences.

2. Recording Themselves For Social Media

Prior generations tended to hide mental illness as an undesirable condition. In recent decades, mental illness is no longer stigmatized as it once was and has positively enabled those needing essential treatment.

3. The Glamorization of Mental Illness

This trend may resemble previous generations like Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. Some boomers and Gen X sought to be contestants on TV shows or at least be part of the audience for live performances.

4. Going  Viral

Constantly on their phones, Gen Zs need to be more concerned about their privacy. They often broadcast where they are and going, especially when vacationing with friends and family.

5. Inviting Crime by Posting Their Whereabouts

A recent study confirms that Gen Zers lack interest in driving. One parent said, “The world is not the same. My sixteen-year-old is not motivated to drive, and I’m not motivated to make him.”

6. Not Driving

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