7 Beloved Fictional Character Deaths That Rip Your Heart Out 

Have you ever lost a favorite character in a book, TV series, or movie? You’re not alone. Someone recently asked, “What was the saddest fictional character death for you?” Here are the top-voted responses.

Thomas J. Sennett From My Girl

Someone immediately quoted Veda from My Girl, “He can’t see without his glasses.” “That movie traumatized me,” another admitted. “I was fresh on the heels of Home Alone and thought, yay, another comedy. Little did I know…”

Henry Blake From M*A*S*H*

“Henry Blake,” shared one. “The scene in the operating room. The actors weren’t told about it, just called back for one last scene shoot, and Radar walks in and tells them. The silence is amplified by the sounds of instruments still working.

T-4 Medic Wade and Private Mellish From Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan has two of the saddest, most brutally gut-wrenching deaths I’ve ever seen on screen in Wade and Mellish,” one admitted. “Wade is trying to talk the guys through his injury that goes from panic and terror to acceptance of his death as he cries out for his mother and says, ‘I want to go home?”

Artax From The Neverending Story

“The worst part is he doesn’t just drown,” someone stated. “He straight up decides to give up living.” Another shared, “In the book, Artax can talk, which makes his death a bit worse, hearing him give up.” “Artax was traumatizing at a young age,” a third user confessed.

Wolverine in Logan

“Wolverine in Logan, that was such a great ending to his story, but damn if it wasn’t sad,” one user admitted. “That whole movie was so tragic. Every five minutes, there was an oof scene.

CT-5555 From The Clone Wars

“Fives,” one Star Wars fan confessed. He was close to stopping order 66, but nobody would believe him.” Another shared, “His warning saved Rex and Snips.” “The line, ‘Good soldiers follow orders,’ gives me chills, ” another admitted.

Wilson From Cast Away

“Wilson from Cast Away destroys me,” shared one. “My GOD, I’d never cried over anything like that stupid volleyball.” Another confessed, “Gotta admit I cried the first time I saw this scene. It just goes to show how well done the movie is.”

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