7 Steps To Buying A Home Thru Closing Day

You and your family have decided to buy a house. Now what?

Buying a home takes about six months from your search to the closing day at a minimum. There is a lot to consider when likely making the biggest purchase of your life.

You will likely need a loan unless you have loads of cash to pay for your house. Hopefully, you have been budgeting and saving for a house purchase.

Get your finances in order.

Before you actively go house-hunting, it is a good idea to get preapproved for a mortgage. It will help to narrow your search.

Prequalify For A Mortgage – Takes About One Month.

Early in this process, you may what to explore desirable areas. Driving around can be a fun part of the process or emotional.

Search for your home online and in-person*.

You can negotiate the price, the timing of the closing, the outdoor furniture, and other details.

Always Negotiate  With The Seller.

Once you make an offer for the house, you will want to hire an attorney. Their role is to write a contract of sale through the home’s closing.

Hire An Attorney And Formally Apply For A Mortgage Loan

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