8 Legitimate Ways To Get Free Netflix  (Or Cheaper)

Is it possible to get a free Netflix streaming subscription legitimately? The short answer is yes, although it is more challenging than previously.

Netflix remains the most prominent streaming company despite facing significant competition.

As good as Netflix’s streaming services are, its membership fees keep rising and could be out of reach for many as households face higher costs from the highest inflation in four decades.

1. Sharing Your Netflix Accounts With Family and Friends

Netflix estimates that about 100 million households worldwide access their service through someone else’s password.

 Switch your cellphone service to T-Mobile, they have two plans, Magenta and Magenta MAX, that provide free Netflix subscriptions.

2. Switch Cellphone Service  to T-Mobile And Get Free Netflix

Like switching to T-Mobile, you can switch to Comcast Xfinity packages to get free streaming service from Netflix.

3. Switch to Comcast Xfinity Plan And Get Free Netflix

By using a virtual private network (VPN), subscribers can change their virtual location to watch content wherever they are.

4. Get A High Quality VPN For Privacy Purposes And Get Free Netflix Content

You can give someone a free Netflix membership by buying a Netflix gift card from these retailers: – Amazon – Best Buy – Kroger – Target – Walmart

5. Give Netflix Subscription As A Gift

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