Do You Agree with These 8 Recommended Criteria People Desire For Their Dream Home for Retirement?

Have you thought about the criteria for  your list of places to retire?  One poster asked fellow Redditors to  share their desires for an ideal retirement place.

Some people don’t plan to move  anywhere as they will stay put for various reasons, as they are either  already satisfied or want to stay with their family or friends.

Some people refer to the weather where  they currently live, like Chicago, and want to move as far away as  possible from blizzards, snow, and freezing temperatures.

Great Weather

When moving somewhere, real estate agents always tell you it’s about “Location! Location! Location!"

Location! Location! Location!

Several want an area notable for their  available public transportation, quality Internet, utilities,  walkable  around the town or city, ride a bike, “a natural history museum”.

Local Convenience

As they deliberated their location, a few people suggested picking a college town that offers more things to do.

Towns With Colleges and Universities

Redditors agreed political extremism could be offensive and a significant turnoff.

No Political Extremism, Please!

Access to quality healthcare received numerous nods as an essential criterion for future retirees.

Availability of Quality Healthcare

Not surprisingly, commenters want to find a safe place with low crime rates.

Low Crime Rates

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