8 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Spending Under Control

Halloween spending is expected to reach $8.8 billion this year. This is a bit below $9 billion in last year’s rate.

Halloween is not the biggest holiday dollar-wise. Consumer spending is far higher for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. At least this occasion may involve the whole family, including your pets.

Halloween Spending

Among those celebrating, the number one item which  Americans spend their money is on costumes at $3.2 billion, decorations at $2.7 billion, closely followed by candy purchases at $2.6

8 Tips To Control Holiday Spending And End of Year Planning

Non-gift holiday items, notably candy, food, decorations, greeting cards and flowers.

1. Use A Shopping List to Plan In Advance

The point of tracking spending is to be more conscious about your purchases so that you can be guilt free and can enjoy the holidays.

2. Keep Track Of Your Spending

Start shopping early so you aren’t forced to buy in a hurry.  Procrastination is costly, especially during holiday shopping.

3. Avoid Procrastination,  Shop Early

4. Have A Plan For Reducing Debt

The holiday times are often stressful. Often that tension is caused by the realization that you will be spending a lot during this time of year.

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