8 Ways To  Get Money during Pandemic

As unemployment claims filed since mid-March totalled a staggering 30.3 million people, stocks racked up their best performance up nearly 13% in April since 1987.

1. There is an inverse or opposite relationship between the level of unemployment and forward stock returns.

4 Reasons:

2. Stocks still remain a good place to invest given their higher growth profile over the long term. In comparison to stocks, money market securities and bonds are safer but will provide very modest returns.

3. The Fed recognized the need to provide substantial liquidity to our financial markets. As such, it has been using its full range of tools.

4.  Stimulus packages, the largest of which is The Cares Act at $2.2 trillion has something for many in need.

Normal rules for unemployment insurance benefits have been expanded due to the pandemic. The Cares Act provided more relief for people who are filing for unemployment.

1. More People Are Entitled To Unemployment Insurance Benefits

According to an Economic Policy Institute survey, the official count of unemployment claims filings may be significantly understated.

Filing For Benefits Has Been Difficult

New Jobless Applicants Allowed

Traditionally, part-time workers, independent contractors, self-employed, freelancers and gig workers were barred from receiving unemployment benefits.

Generally, college students are not eligible for for unemployment benefits. However, financial relief may be available for students who were impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

College Students May Be Eligible

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