A Letter To My Son On Turning 18 And Milestones To Come

Dearest Tyler, I am writing a letter to my son just a few weeks after you turned 18. Legally, you are the age of majority, but you have a ways to go until maturity. A lot has changed between us for the good since the letter I wrote you as the coronavirus spread, causing many unexpected challenges. Thankfully, our family survived the most challenging time for many people who lost family members.

Why Am I Writing This Letter? Like I have said a million times silently or out loud, I love you with all my heart. As a parent, I want the absolute best for you and your sister, Alex. As a teen, it is your nature not to listen to advice.

There is always a perfect time to share some of my experiences and pass on some lessons about money and life. Indeed, I share much of the wisdom I gained from my mom to you and Alex, just as I share my grandmother’s words (my mom’s mother) who perished in the Holocaust.  She was your great grandmother, and she often said, “Poor or rich, money is good to have.”


Invest In Yourself

The best gift I can give you is to tell you to invest in yourself. Now is a good time for you to invest your time and energy to get what you want out of your life.


Find Your Passion

Passion may be an overused word. However, doing something well helps if you have strong positive emotions to motivate you towards achievement. Think about your strengths and how you spend your time and energy. Passion is a powerful force that drives us forward, providing meaning to our work, family, and lives.


Save Money To Invest

I am thrilled you are taking an Investments class at school and setting up a portfolio using a simulated stock market game. It is fun to discuss the market, the economy and learn about different stocks from you.

As Mark Twain (and many others) said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life.” I know you can achieve success and have a “can-do” attitude. Tyler, understand what you don’t know, and that is not a weakness. Instead, it is a weakness to think you know everything and are not open to learning more.

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