A Silver Lining To The Pandemic

It has been hard to be optimistic as the coronavirus outbreak has devastated many families. We have been forced to change our ways of living in a hurry.

Yet, there may be a silver lining for us whether as individuals or society. In any disaster, silver linings may emerge from the gloom and doom. Find the brightest part of your day even during this crisis. We found 8 positive aspects that may have lasting benefits:

Many Americans have reduced their discretionary spending habits as our lifestyle has adapted to the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Saving Money

Lower Discretionary Spending

I know we are not alone in saving money. According to a Fidelity Market Sentiment study, Americans have lowered discretionary spending by 48% during COVID-19.

The CARES Act Has Provided More Benefits

The CARES Act and other government programs have provided more money for those experiencing financial hardships.

Distance learning was a hasty move for many but a great alternative to losing the opportunity for education.

2. Distance Learning Became More Widespread

The platform was flexible, providing for sharing materials like power points, videos, and other learning materials.

A Good Experience Given The Circumstances

Expand Broadband Connectivity

Lacking the ability to connect to others exists for parts of our student population–Native Americans, rural and poor communities.

Remote work boosts productivity with employees being 35-40% more productive than at the office.

3. Remote Working Became Essential

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