Affordability of Early Retirement

If you want to retire early, the most important advice you need to hear is to begin planning today.

And by reading this article, you’re taking an important first step toward turning off your 6 am weekday morning alarm forever.

First, you need to define what “early” is for you. Is it age 55 or 65? Then you need to consider what retirement will cost for you.

Decide What Early Retirement  Means to You

Decide What You are Retiring “To” Not “From”

Redefine your idea of retirement, and get clear on what you are retiring to, not what you are retiring from.

By inputting a few numbers, like your age, amount of savings, and annual spending, you can get a close estimate to see how you stand.

Use Retirement Calculators to Help Decide When You Can Retire

A financial advisor can incorporate budgeting, savings, investments, and tax optimization strategies into your plan.

Hire a Financial Advisor or Coach

A way to get there faster is by obtaining a second job. Working another job will enable you to pay off debt quicker and save more money.

Get a Second Job

Meal prepping not only helps to alleviate food wastage and helps you to make a healthier choice but also helps you save on groceries.

Prep Your Meals  for Physical and Financial Fitness

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