All About Financial Literacy For Kids

Do you want to empower your kids to have a financially secure future? We need to provide financial literacy for kids starting at an early age.

Giving our kids a solid financial foundation at an early age is essential so that you may ingrain them with good money habits and become financially savvy.

They can learn basic age-appropriate skills, including:

– Basic math skills, including percentages. – Problem-solving for making trade-off choices. – Needs versus wants. – Budgeting between money sources and uses. – Financial goal-setting in the near-term and long term. – The power of compounding. – Handling responsibilities. – Earning an allowance as income – Saving money for a rainy day, college, and retirement

11 Ways Financial Literacy For Kids Can Empower Their Future

1. Saving Money

Don’t wait until your kids are in their teens. Take out some of the mystique about money at an early age. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can grow in different ways, starting with saving money. Buy them a piggy bank so they can put physical coins to fill it up.

2. Understanding Wants versus Needs

As kids age,  they ask for and expect everything. Teaching “needs” and “wants” is tough when your 7-year-old says they need a smartphone and all their friends have had one for a long time. Spending money is a neglected topic for many kids.

3.  Social Media Spurs “Keeping Up With The Jones”

Our kids are growing up in a digital world or know no other kind. They are on social media constantly,  interacting with their friends, showcasing new games,  shopping for trendy things, and seeing places others have gone.

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