Amazon Rebrands “Twitch Prime” to “Prime Gaming” To Woo Gamers with More Content

Amazon, the monolith that owns Twitch, has rebranded its gaming offerings, previously called Twitch Prime, to Prime Gaming. This move puts the gaming service on par with Amazon’s other Prime offerings, including music, reading, and the shipping services that made Amazon famous.

Prime Gaming is the new name for Amazon’s video game offerings. Included with an Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Gaming offers Amazon customers a variety of exclusive video game content.

How Much Does Prime Gaming Cost? Prime gaming is free with an Amazon Prime subscription. It is not an additional cost, but it’s not available as a Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month (plus tax). It includes Prime Gaming and free shipping on certain products, Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Reading.

Prime Gaming provides many benefits to gamers, including downloadable content for popular games, free games, and one free Twitch subscription per month.

A Twitch subscription allows Twitch viewers to support their favorite Twitch Affiliates, a class of streamers who have earned the ability to monetize. Subscribers get access to a streamer’s emotes and any exclusive content that a streamer has for their top supporters.

Prime Gaming includes far more than a free Twitch subscription. The wide variety of in-game content from popular games makes it an enticing offering for every type of gamer.

Prime subscribers receive extra content from popular games across numerous genres via Prime Gaming.

The specific content users can access with Prime Gaming depends on its offering. Some games offer additional playable content, such as bonus rooms or levels. Some give users extra loot, while others provide custom skins.

New games are regularly added to the offerings, while most current content has an expiration date. The additional content changes every month. Extra loot for Fortnite may be available for one month, but it might be replaced with skins for Rainbow Six the next month. It’s crucial to sign in regularly to your Prime Gaming account to see what new content is available to avoid missing extras from your favorite games.

Overall, the program will enhance most hard-core gamers’ experiences. The $12.99 price tag is a bit steep for those only interested in Amazon’s gaming offerings, but it’s worthwhile for anyone who will use Amazon’s other Prime features.

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