Are You Working for a Bad Boss? 6 Key Indicators to Watch For

bad boss

In the first hour of a new job, my coworker informed me of the foul way management operated the preschool, and that was her last day as a teacher

Key Indicators to Watch For

One worker says they asked an interviewer what the company’s culture was like, and the boss replied that they push the motto, “Work hard, play hard.” According to this person, that indicates a horrible work/life balance.

Work Hard, Play Hard

There is a reason some jobs remain on job boards for extended amounts of time. Maybe the company hires a perfect candidate, but when the person begins work, they realize how horrid the job is, and they quit.

Long Job Posting

This one goes along with the lengthy job posting. If you work in an establishment where you meet a new coworker each week, stay alert; you might be working for a nefarious boss.

High Turnover Rate

Beware of clique culture when job hunting. Bosses who like hiring friends and family tend to perpetuate a toxic workplace environment that despises strangers, aka new hires. Even if you demonstrate outstanding work ethic and charm, you won’t get that promotion in a cliquey job if you aren’t a part of the in-group.


“I had an in-person interview for an internship at a small local business. The interviewer started asking me some personal, harmless questions because I didn’t have much experience in the industry (where I am commuting from, what my hobbies are, etc).

Fake Interview

Have you ever interviewed for a job with a dramatic manager who embraced the idea that the workplace operated as a family? Someone speaks on their experience. “Once they utter the words ‘we’re like family here,’ it is all over.

We’re Like Family Here

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