A Beginner’s Guide To Life Insurance

Life is a series of risk management, said a wise oncologist recently. Death happens and we can’t control our retirement from life.

To better manage our risks in life and provide some protection against  loss, we need insurance–auto, health insurance, disability and life  insurance.

If you are young, married, and have children or are planning to grow your family, life insurance is a must.

A life insurance policy is a contract with a life insurance. The  contract is typically bought by the primary wage earner in a household.

What is life insurance?

If you are young, married and have children below 18 years, you definitely need a life insurance policy.

Who needs life insurance?

There is a strong argument for families to combine these policies. While  term life is more affordable, it is not permanent coverage like whole  life insurance.

Buy Both Term Life and Whole Life

44% of Millennials overestimate the cost of life insurance by five times the actual amount.

Life Insurance and Millennials

Millennials say they need information and education, explaining that  they are uncertain about the different types, amounts and qualifying for  coverage.

Life Insurance and Millennials

Millennials tend to research life insurance products online more than  other generations but would consider buying from an insurance  professional.

Life Insurance and Millennials

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