Success Is The Best Revenge

Has someone ever wronged you? Once upon a time, your enemy would have received severe punishment. That was centuries ago.

We’re more civilized these days, but that doesn’t mean we are any less angry and emotionally upset.

Revenge will never make you better and hurt your chances of success and happiness. Instead, success is the best revenge.

Revenge can be an excellent motivator.   Let others who hurt you see you dust yourself and thrive. The early  stages of success are so sweet.


Don’t think about what they deserve,  rather focus your energy on what you will gain from this experience.  Concentrate on your eventual win.

Rechannel Your Energy

Our attitudes can help or hurt us, and we have the power to adopt a more favorable mindset.

Abundance Mindset

There is no better place to learn about the need to have a  positive perspective than from  Dr. William  Hemreich’s 1991 study about Holocaust survivors.

Keep A Positive Perspective

Understand where your interests are, and they usually will point in the direction of your career.

Passion and Purpose

Being self-disciplined at work is an  essential ingredient to being a valuable employee. It means working hard  is simply the minimum.


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