10 Benefits of Being A Mentor

A mentor acts in the best interest of a less experienced person or mentee. They provide expertise, transferring professional knowledge and feedback from an experienced vantage point.

Good mentors have the willingness and desire to share what they know, actively listen carefully, and possess empathy and understanding.

Effective mentoring advances your mentee by spending time and know-how with an employee or a student

1. Improve Communication and Personal Skills The best way to do that is to listen carefully and provide relevant feedback actively.

2. Develop Leadership And Management Skills Being their boss required a very different skill set. Make use of the feedback mechanisms.

3. Reinforce My Knowledge On Subjects And Provides A Different Perspective As a mentor, you are imparting knowledge and your own experiences.

4. Promotes Self-Reflection By sharing your experiences, you are reliving what worked for you. Your mentee is interested in what attributes and strengthens are needed in the workplace.

5. Boost Confidence And Motivation Teaching or advising others lifts my motivation for my field. Making time for others who want to learn from you reinforces any doubt of your worth.

6. Advocate For Others Mentors are part-cheerleaders, part-champions for their counterparts.  It is sometimes easier to advocate for others.

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