10 Benefits of Going To Community College

Attending a community college is attracting dependent students with varying parent income from a broader economic background.

Though a large proportion of students come from low-income families, more students from middle-to upper middle income with annual earnings of $100,000 or more are turning to community colleges.

Let’s review the benefits and drawbacks of Community College.

1. Greater Flexibility

By going close to a college close to home, you have more opportunities to care for your personal needs. You may have more study space, able to make your meals, and do laundry more affordably.

Broad demographics at community colleges provide a comfortable atmosphere for older students, working students, parents, and greater diversity.

2. More Diversity

Classes are far smaller at community colleges, more likely to be 25-35 students on average. Students get a lot more personalized attention either in the classroom or meeting with their professors.

3. Smaller Class Sizes And More Support

The quality of tenured professors I work with is high. They publish in high-caliber peer-reviewed journals, have worked in their respective fields, and are dedicated to their students.

4. Quality of Professors

5. Community College Graduates Earnings Potential

The average student who completes an associate’s degree will earn $5,400 more each working year than those who drop out of community college. The average is from $4,640-$7,160 per year.

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