Best Advice For Planning Your Retirement In A Bear Market

Are high inflation and the bear market derailing your retirement plans?

There are significantly more challenges for retirees or those close to retirement. Paying more for gas, groceries, and other items on a fixed income while watching your investment portfolio built over a lifetime decline in value is challenging.

Start Retirement Planning Early

It’s a good idea to work with a financial advisor (i.e., CFP) for retirement planning well ahead and to review your financial plan with them periodically.

With these economic issues, you’ll have more challenges. Consider speaking with your financial advisor to review your financial plan and investment portfolio.

Approaching Retirement

Avoid Panic Selling And Try To Ride Out The Storm Emotional reactions may drive you to sell investments. It may lead to inefficient decisions.

Retirement Planning Tips  In A Bear Market

If you’re about to retire, you may want to continue working a couple of years longer. Many people want to transition into retirement by working part-time.

Delay Your Retirement

It would be wise to contact your financial advisor to review your financial goals and how your plan reflects potential market downturns.

Consult With Your Financial Advisor

When nearing retirement, you should boost your cash reserves to weather market volatility. That often means selling stocks at the bottom.

Bolster Your  Cash Reserves

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