How To Make Money Before Graduating

Is your 15-year-old desperate for a job? Maybe they’d like some extra money to go out with friends or buy new clothes. Perhaps they’re a forward-thinker who wants to start saving for college.

Whatever the case, you’ll be pleased to know that jobs for 15-year-olds aren’t as uncommon as some people think!

Search in the right places, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to suit your teenager’s interests, schedule, and skillset.  Read on to discover ten first-rate jobs that 15-year olds can apply for today.

1. Family Business

Does your family own and run a business? If so, this could be the ideal job opportunity for your 15-year-old.

Lifeguarding’s one of the best jobs for 15-year-olds who want to take on responsibility. It also looks great on your resume. It demonstrates commitment, good people skills, and teamwork.

2. Lifeguard

House cleaning is another straightforward job that’d be relatively easy to find. It can also pay more than you’d expect (e.g., $15 per hour, depending on the amount of cleaning that’s required).

3. Cleaner

It’s a great job. Many golf clubs hire young crew members for the task, offering them a unique opportunity to spend time outdoors, befriend the patrons they meet, and earn some money in the process.

4. Golf Caddy

5. Farm Helper

For high school students in rural parts of the country, farm owners often look for people to help with a range of tasks.

The specific role would vary depending on their needs, yet common examples include crop picking and supporting them at the community farmer’s market.

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