5 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

Jobs for retirees may seem hard to find. However, there are several things retirees can do for work that they will find rewarding, both financially and personally.

Retirees find jobs for financial reasons at 80% or healthy-aging causes at 72%. However, income at 53% within the financial reasons group is the number one reason.

Why Are Retirees Getting Jobs

We list cashiers as the number one job on this list of jobs for retirees since it is a relatively simple field to enter.

1. Cashiers

2. School Bus Driver

 Reportedly, approximately 73% of school bus drivers are over 55.The main advantage is the position is part-time and only when schools are in session.

Approximately 73% of full-charge bookkeepers are over 55, and about 47% of regular bookkeepers are 55+ years old.

3. Bookkeeper

According to the US BLS, this profession is popular with people 55+, with at least one-third of the total number of that age.

4. Medical Transcriptionists

It is a popular job with part-time workers with more than one-third of workers in that category. In addition, approximately 17% of the part-time workers are over 55.

5. Dental Hygienists

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