Best Money Management Tips for Young Couples

As a new couple, this is the first time you have managed finances with someone else. Transitioning from handling a single income and expenses to adding another person’s finances is a learning curve.

How can you go about successful money management? Consider the following tips.

One of the biggest hurdles to successful money management as a couple is open communication. This challenge may stem from embarrassment around poor financial habits or feeling overwhelmed by money-related conversations on the part of one or both partners.


Open and regular communication about money with your partner is key to understanding your financial circumstances accurately. Having this understanding will inform your goals and plans.

Gain an Accurate Understanding

Managing money as a couple takes many different forms. The most common are combining your money, keeping it separate, or combining the two.

Choose a Method

Goals–you either love them or hate them, but no matter how you feel about them, they are integral to efficient money management for single ones and those in a relationship.

Set Goals

Once you determine your individual and shared financial goals, you can devise an action plan. Destinations fall short because people often forget the most crucial step of achieving their aspirations.

Make Plans

Depending on the need, it’s time to research options like a home equity line of credit, peer-to-peer lending, dipping into your retirement if possible, and exploring options for personal loans or lines of credit.

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