12 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Need help with a gift card you can’t use? Gift cards can make the perfect present for many people, but only sometimes if we do research.

At some point, a friend gave you a great gift card of $100 to celebrate a promotion, birthday, or retirement. While appreciative, it was to a restaurant you don’t like, so you put the card in a drawer and forgot about it.

Did you know you can sell gift cards in several ways and make good use of the cash? Save the money for things you need to buy.

1. CardCash

Founded in 2009, CardCash was among the first companies to sell unused gift cards online. They work with over 200 brands, and you can get paid up to 92% cash.

CardSell is an app that acts as an instant gift card exchange kiosk to sell unwanted gift cards through hundreds of retailers.

2. CardSell

An attractive ClipKard feature is that the dollar amount converts into points, and if you accumulate 1,000 points, they’ll give a $10 reward.

3. ClipKard

Gameflip has over five million gamers on its website and a free mobile app where you can sell any unused, prepaid, and nonreloadable gift card.

4. Gameflip

5. GiftCash

You can sell your gift cards instantly and in bulk on GiftCash to over 150 brands. They accept gift cards with minimum values of $25 up to $2,000 though some minimums are higher, like Apple/iTunes, Air Canada, and PetCo.

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