10 Receipt Scanner App Options to Save Your Expense Reports

Today’s smartphones come loaded with powerful applications that help us manage both our work and personal lives.  And they could be one of the easiest solutions for accountants tasked with tracking down receipts.

The IRS requires receipts for business expenses over $75. If your employees are regularly losing receipts or requesting copies from their corporate credit cards, it might be time to introduce a receipt scanner app to your staff.

This handy tool lets you quickly capture important business transactions like purchases, bills, payments, etc., and store them digitally. Here are the best receipt scanner app programs.

1. Evernote Scannable

This receipt scanner app works like magic! Simply snap pictures of your receipts using the built-in camera and upload them to Evernote. Then, you can access those files through the web browser or via email.

Simply scan your receipts and save them to your computer via Dropbox. Then, upload those files to the application’s server, where they will be processed automatically.

2. Smart Receipts

The Shoeboxed mobile application allows users to scan receipts into their account in seconds. You can then organize them using tags or categories and search through all your scanned documents at once.

3. Shoeboxed

Veryfi doesn’t rely on human intervention. Instead, it uses advanced algorithms to process every single image within seconds. Because of this, you won’t miss anything during checkout.

4. Veryfi 

5. WellyBox

The WellyBox app is a great way to scan receipts from any business that accepts credit cards or debit cards as payment. It’s also an excellent tool if you’re self-employed.

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