Steps Women Should Take Negotiating Salary Compensation

When it comes to women achieving success in their careers, moving from entry levels to ever-higher corporate levels, they need to understand ways to negotiating salary compensation packages better.

Women tend to be less assertive and more accommodative than men. That may leave significant money on the table, starting with their first job’s salary.

Research shows women make better advocates when they represent others than for themselves. Women fear backlash when it is for themselves but are better when they negotiate for others. Here are 10 steps women should take when negotiating salary.

1. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

As you move up the corporate ladder, keep a personal journal of what you have done, not hours worked. You need to build your list of selling points with real achievements like successful presentations.

It is always a good idea to have management in your corner who can provide you support and feedback. Your manager can provide you with advice on how to advance in your career or get desirable assignments.

2. Solicit Manager Support

You always want to be paid what you are worth, whether you are changing jobs or moving up the ladder. If you remain in your organization, you have a record of accomplishments, your ability to work with or manage others, and a reputation.

3. Getting A Raise

Often, talking to outsiders validate that you are in the right place. Nevertheless, use information like higher salaries or compensation packages to get what you want and need. Arrange to meet with your boss and speak honestly.

4. Know Your Worth

5. Compensation, Incentives, And Benefits

Your salary is not the only part of the compensation package to consider. Other incentives, benefits, and perks can be a big part of your compensation package.

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