15+ Business Ideas for Teens To Make Money This Year

For young entrepreneurs out there, this is for you. We will provide a list of easy-to-launch business  ideas for teens to start!

There are plenty of teenagers in the world today that are crushing it as young entrepreneurs (and we want you to be next!)

From YouTube stars to auto detailers, there are many options to consider when deciding on your first small business idea.

For teens keen on building their personal brand, we recommend starting a blog. A blog can be anything you want and will evolve over time.

Start a Blog

If you’re into crafts and design, start listing some of your creations and improve as you go along.

Sell on Etsy

Lawn care is on the list. Most adults hate mowing lawns and would pay you to take care of their yards.

Lawn Care

Car washing is a great business idea for  teens at home during the summer. Create a flyer detailing your car  washing services and put it in mailboxes around town.

Wash Cars

YouTube is another business model we highly recommend for teens looking to make extra money.


Playing video games used to be a hobby, nothing more. Today, the gaming industry allows you  to turn your digital talents into a thriving small business.


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