Buying Apple Stock? 5 Things to Consider First

Apple has been one of the  best-performing stocks in modern history. According to the company,  there are now over 1 billion iPhones in active use worldwide.

With Apple’s brand recognition and  innovative products, it’s no surprise that many people are interested in  adding AAPL to their portfolio.

But does Apple stock still make sense as  an investment? That all depends on your financial goals, current  assets, and risk tolerance.

Here are five things you need to consider before you buy Apple stock!

Apple had its IPO (initial public offering) on December 12, 1980, at $22.00 per share, trading under the ticker AAPL.

1. Apple Stock’s History

Good investors spend time researching before buying a stock to get a sense of its current value and future prospects.

2. Research Apple Stock’s Fundamentals

Before buying Apple stock or any other stock, make sure you have clear investment goals and know how the stock will fit into them.

3. Does Apple Fit Your Investing Goals?

It would help if you considered how much money you have to invest and how big of a part you want Apple to play in your portfolio.

4. How Much Can You Afford to Invest in Apple?

Before you commit to investing in Apple  or any other stock, you should make sure you think through the  advantages and disadvantages.

5. Pros and cons of Apple stock

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