7 A-Listers Who Lack Self-Awareness in the Celebrity Circus


Celebrities live a lifestyle that most of the population cannot imagine. Lavish vacations, sprawling mansions, exotic cars, and flashy jewelry are finer things that only the wealthy can afford. Sometimes, these fancy lifestyles can make people forget where they came from and distance themselves from their fan base, making them out of touch with the reality of everyday life.

Former fans indicated how DeGeneres treated her staff while claiming the workplace was happy and healthy, which made them change their mind about the comedian.

Ellen DeGeneres

I’m sure we all know why Mel is on this list. A once A-list actor, Mel unfortunately let some of his views known in a drunken rant, which shattered his fanbase. After many apologies, Mel is still working in Hollywood, but his negative words will forever haunt him.

Mel Gibson

Baldwin is no stranger to some negative press. Videos of an inebriated Baldwin yelling at his daughters went viral, causing people to question his sanity. Another incident involved Baldwin refusing to put his phone away on a plane takeoff, which branded the actor as entitled and self-centered.

Alec Baldwin

Howard recently stated in an interview how hard she battled and worked to make it as an actress in Hollywood. While I don’t doubt her work ethic, it’s hard to ignore that her father is an Oscar-winning director, Ron Howard.

Bryce Dallas Howard

I don’t know much about the paparazzi across the pond in the United Kingdom. Still, everything I’ve heard is they are crazier than here in the U.S. Prince Harry has famously married an American actress and started a new life in the US, much to the demise of fans of the Royal Family.

Prince Harry

Kendall has definitely carved out a niche for herself in the fashion industry. Still, many point out the considerable headstart she got just by being in the Jenner-Kardashian family. While also a model, she has been critical of how many shows models do and why she chooses only to do a few a year.

Kendall Jenner

The now infamous slap to the face of Chris Rock might have been the final nail in Will Smith’s coffin. In the past few years, talks of vision quests and questionable lifestyle choices have left Will’s fans scratching their heads. I was left speechless watching Will assault a fellow actor at an award ceremony while accepting an award moments later!

Will Smith

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