Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face

Yes, the gender gap remains in the usual places for women. They get less pay, need career pauses with time out for children and other dependents yielding lower savings for retirement.

Despite facing challenges, women are gaining ground. They are reaching  higher corporate levels and increasingly starting their own businesses.

With these strides towards success, women entrepreneurs need to overcome these 4 challenges.

1. Securing Capital For Growing Businesses

Women entrepreneurs face greater difficulties than men when raising capital to fund their growing concerns.

Women tend to be less assertive and more accommodative than men at the bargaining table.

2. Strengthen Negotiation Skills

I find that female students, either as a group or one-to-one, tend to  approach me for advice and guidance more readily than their male  counterparts.

3. Need A Strong Support System

Working women executives, suffering from work/life balance issues often  consider starting up their own businesses as an anecdote.

4. Work/Life Balance

Women entrepreneurs have made significant strides in owning their business and their successes.

Final Thoughts

Gender barriers exist but tenacity and increased momentum by successful women entrepreneurs will pave the way.

Final Thoughts

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