20 Cheap Travel Destinations Across America For Fun-Filled Vacations

91% of Americans are looking to practice better personal finance habits. So when it comes time for a vacation, don’t drain all your savings, or even worse, go into credit card debt.

With over 19,000 cities in America, there are many fantastic places for a vacation outside of expensive towns like Waikiki, San Diego, Washington D.C., or Chicago.

Here are 20 cheap travel destinations across America for fun-filled vacations so you can start budgeting now.

1. Iowa’s Mason City

Mason City, one of America’s relatively unknown cheap travel destinations. Select nights are available for $150 at the Historic Park Inn Hotel.

Home to the iconic Gateway Arch, St. Louis boasts an abundance of free fun and reasonably priced accommodations perfect for those looking for cheap travel destinations in cities.

2. Missouri’s St. Louis

With super affordable hotel accommodations, all-you-can-eat buffets, and local casual restaurants, plus a long list of free activities, Vegas is another one of the urban cheap travel destinations on this list.

3. Nevada’s Las Vegas

Known as America’s Hometown for decades, it’s not just one of the most accessible cities on the East Coast, but its low cost of living translates into a great vacation on a budget.

4. North Carolina’s Fayetteville

5. South Dakota’s Yankton

Both outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs will enjoy the small town of Yankton. Located along the Missouri River, take your pick of water recreation activities, fishing, or exploring the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area.

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