How to Choose A Financial Advisor

A financial advisor  is a qualified professional who provides services to manage finances, make decisions, and reach your goals.

This post discusses choosing a financial advisor that is right for you and  your budget.

1. What Kind of Financial Services Are You Looking For

A financial advisor can handle various services, specialize in a specific plan, or strategically guide you towards your goals.

Financial advisors or planners have a bachelor’s degree with an accounting or finance focus as the minimum requirement.

2. Qualification Requirements Vary

3. Look For A Fiduciary

Choose your planner who adheres to the fiduciary standard. The standard requires the planner or advisor to act in the best interests of their clients.

In contrast to the stricter fiduciary standard, FINRA requires the suitability standard for financial professionals who work for broker-dealers.

4. Suitability Standard

Some planners charge a flat rate or by the hour is best for those just starting to make money, who want a simple financial plan, and don’t yet have many assets.

5. Look For Fee-Based Only Financial Advisors

There are many financial strategies to handle a family moving through changing life cycles.

6. It Depends On Your Needs

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