Christmas Tree Decorations: From Start To Recycle

Before you know it, Christmastime is just around the corner, meaning you must prepare your Christmas tree decorations. Do you stick with the old, traditional way that worked for years or start something new?

Each year, you and your family look forward to decorating your Christmas tree, bringing many cheers to the holiday celebration, tradition, nostalgia, and spending more time with each other.

Christmas Tree Decorations: From Start To Recycle

Once you have your tree, artificial or real, you’ll want to add your Christmas tree lights before you deal with the other decorations. You may want to get twinkle lights to enliven your tree.

Christmas Tree Lights

A topper is the first thing you see on your Christmas tree, and it should match your overall Christmas tree decor.

Choosing A Tree Topper


Many people reuse their ornaments, which can save and make things easier.  Depending on your tree size and coverage, you may have to buy 90 to 100 or more ornaments from basic globes or themed collections unless you have unique heirlooms that hold long-lasting memories.


Typically you wrap garland around your Christmas tree. You can reuse ribbon from previous years or biodegradable materials to string around your tree, from popcorn, berries, dried flowers, yarn, pinecones, and ornaments from recycled materials.

You find tree collars that can match your Christmas tree decor, but you’d want something durable given the tree’s weight.

Tree Skirts, Collars & Stands

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