College Packing List: Bring Essential Documents

Do you have a child  going off to college this Fall? We do! It is an exciting time for families, but not without some anxiety about the significant changes in your households.

Their college packing list is incomplete without bringing essential documents to college as a precautionary measure.

College Packing List Should Have Essential Documents

The HIPAA release form is essential for your child to complete so you may participate in conversations and decisions concerning your child’s health.

HIPAA Authorization

A medical power of attorney or health care proxy is an essential tool when someone becomes incapacitated and can no longer make medical decisions for themselves.

Medical Power of Attorney (POA)

The durable POA allows your child, as a college student, to give parents the authority to make legal and financial decisions.

General Durable Power of Attorney

Make sure the card has not expired, and the insurance is accepted locally where your student attends school.

Health  Insurance Card

It’s a good idea for you (if your student grants permission), your student, and the campus medical center to have your student’s medical records on hand.

Medical Records

Your student will need some sort of photo ID beyond their student ID. They may need to provide their birth certificate and other identification.

Driver’s License  or Passport

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