6 Changes People Would Make If They Went Back to College


In a recent online discussion, several users shared what they would have done differently if they could return to college.

From focusing more on better study habits and avoiding unnecessary procrastination to taking care of mental health, there are various changes people would make if given the chance.

Some users wished they had lived in different places during their college years. They spoke of staying in the same dorm or apartment all four years and wished they had experienced different living situations.

Study Abroad

Several users wished they had made more effort to build stronger peer relationships. They spoke of how they had spent too much time studying alone or not being social enough, causing them to miss out on potential friendships.

Build Stronger Relationships With Peers

Many users shared how they wished they had learned more practical skills in college. They spoke of how they had focused too much on theory and abstract concepts and had not gained enough real-world experience.

Learn Practical Skills

Several users spoke of the importance of caring for their mental health in college. They shared stories of how they had ignored their stress and anxiety, causing them to burn out and struggle academically.

Take Care of Mental Health

They spoke of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to complete assignments, causing stress and poor grades.

Develop Better Study Habits and Time Management Skills

Several commented on handing in assignments late, doing a crappy job waiting for the last minute, and getting lower grades. Many suggested they could have done a better job planning their workload and earned better grades.

Less Procrastination

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