Top Common Dead Giveaways of A Toxic Relationship According to the Internet

The ebbs and flows of a relationship are  not unusual, but dealing with it properly may improve your friendship,  marriage, partnership, or relations with your family.

After someone asked an online community what a dead giveaway of a toxic relationship is, these were the best responses.

The number-one-voted response was an assortment of controlling behaviors without a doubt.

Controlling Behaviors

Several in this community agreed they regularly dealt with emotional behavior in their relationships.

Emotional Behavior

Pulling back the curtain and sharing dirty laundry with others opens the door to total disaster.

Complains About Their Partner

Many in the thread admitted they could no longer communicate with their partners.

Toxic Communication

A few people reported that they could  only do things by checking with their partners, had to vet everything,  and needed more autonomy.

Can’t Have A Life Outside of  the Relationship

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