From Credit Cards to PayPal: Comparing the Security of Online Payment methods

Educating yourself on these is important to determine which is the most secure.

Wicked Reports examined consumer protection laws and other security measures to find how safe popular  e-commerce payment methods are and how the risks compare.

If you report your debit card as lost or stolen within two days, the consumer liability is limited to $50. This liability grows to $500 if reported within 60 days.

Debit cards

Credit cards

While the EFTA protects debit card transactions, credit cards fall under the purview of the Fair Credit Billing Act. Also known as the Truth in Lending Act.

Transactions are sent with end-to-end encryption, meaning sellers can’t see buyers’ financial information.


Mobile wallets

Digital wallets provide two-factor authentication, encryption, and one-time-use PINs to keep payments safe.

BNPL programs are so new that they aren’t subject to the same federal regulation or consumer protections as other payment methods like credit or debit cards.

Buy now, pay later programs

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