Coronavirus: A Tipping Point For Rising Flexible Work Options

If the coronavirus has taught us one lesson, it is our need for adaptability. Virtually all aspects of our lives have had to change. By failing to change, we potentially expose ourselves to a deadly virus.

Flexible time has already been a desirable company perk for college grads, Millennials, and even Boomers. Expect new college grads, including GenZers, to seek flexible work options as well. This trend has increased by 91% for employees in the last ten years.

Flexibility Working at home tends to be less stressful. Avoiding lengthy commutes reduces angst while saving time and money. As a result of the virus outbreak and social distancing, many workers could transition fairly easily to working from home.

Increased Productivity To be productive at home may require some self-discipline. Prioritize your “must-do” work first. Then manage your time to maximize your achievements fully.

Working-At-Home Savings

Time is a precious resource and worth saving. If you work remotely half the time, Analytics estimates you save the equivalent of 11 workdays based on lower commuting time. Who wouldn’t want to get those days back? There is a close relationship between time, money, and productivity.

Increased Productivity Many companies may have resisted allowing their employees to work at home to fear lost productivity or lack of essential technology. However, due to many employees who have been able to work from home, businesses may have realized some productivity benefits.

A Societal Benefit For companies in congested traffic areas such as Los Angeles, offering alternative working options for employees would be seen as an eco-friendly move. All organizations need to play their part in battling climate change by reducing their carbon footprint.

The rapid move to remote working for many organizations may enhance their bounce back faster post the virus. Covid-19 may serve as the tipping point for a trend towards alternative working arrangements that were already in demand.

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